True Valhalla aka Matthew Bowden and his stooges against Claudio

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My name is Claudio...i do not hide myself using nicknames like True Valhalla, html5 cheap developer,etc because i dont like ok? I have nothing to hide so im am what i am. In few days i will try to organize this webpage so you can understand the story that happened to me and what this guy and his friends tried to do with my image. And beyond that, tried to put my image down at customers i publish my services including Apple,Google,etc.

Let me present you Matthew: a nasty person that does not like others to succeed (despite he likes to glorify himself putting a lot of earning per month in his blog - marketing himself of course) and make up stories and lies against me in forums, sending emails to apple, to google,whatever...take care of his hateful speeches.That's what i ask.

His team is inventing so many lies about me and picking up on my family since november 2016 that he needs a page like this to show up the real 'Matthew' here.

He does not act alone (look the list at the bottom of the page) since he has a lot of followers that believes that they can someday earn the same as him (remember one thing: a non-jealous person treats you well,good until you reach what he/she earns. If you earn more than him/her, he is not your friend anymore.He will try to put you down with jokes,lies...that is called 'envy'.

Do you trust someone that cope with hackers and
publish his hacker friend's story about stealing passwords in a reputable site like Yoyo?
Do you known that True Valhalla was banned from his moderator role because of this? He is not ETHICAL.

Don't you think this person does not know other hackers that can steal credit cards, passwords and etc?
Do you trust a person like this? I DO NOT! I never met a trustworthy unethical people...and neither their friends!
Are you brave enough to hire someone like him to work at your company?

Don't be caught by him.He is very agressive and like to pick on people that earns more than him.
He has no ethic and can publish any history to damage your image on the internet, just like some hackers do! PS: We do not generalize the term hacker because we have good hackers! The truth is out there...just search before being a lame and a scummer like him.

Take care of his team of phishing scammers since he does not work alone...
he forges anything against you to put your sales down, send emails to apple store, google, and any other sites trying to put you out of the scene.
Here is an example of phishing email:

Do you know how evil Matthew (aka True Valhalla is?) - Look for yourself - making up stories to damage a person reputation.

Do you want to know how to handle this kind of people? Simple. Do not BUY any of his games or apps.

Here is the link of his portfolio. Boycott them. Do not buy from people who deals with bad hackers who steals passwords. Search the internet and find the truth.

How about supporting these sites instead? They have a good reputation and sell apps and games with an affordable price.. or
I have some of my games deployed in these sites to sell and there is people in there that can customize too!

@TrueValhalla is a SCUM. It is a piece of shit who steal game ideas from other peoples and like to promote himself as a succesful game developer.
He just like to shows off. Ignore those reports, they are all FAKE!
He use his blog to people talk with each other to be like him...if he is really rich, why he lives in a cubicle in Brisbane?
He may sleep in the sofa and wake up to design cheap stuff!

Here is another lie from Matthew aka True Valhalla...he can now be canonized because he is a saint... See what he says...Also check the threat that Marcio did to Claudio and his family...

and then... who-a-la... compile a lot of pictures from internet (some of them are not from me lol) and tell that he has the proof that im a stealer...what two-faces he is - Perfect villain for Batman. Just flip the coin.'I will not start a witch-hunt' he said. The liar.

The funny part is that all my


in chat
were deleted By Richard (webmaster)!

So Matt can lie about it and he is the successful guy he claims to this guy normal?!! No...he is underestimated and unethical.

Justice comes from above...and we have a God to judge all these acts.

He is a human me...he commits mistakes like me... But he is evil. Wanna beat him? Challenge his ego...He holds nothing but a blue light cubicle that he lives with a cool cooffemaker machine (WOWWW - what a lame). That's it.

Where is the family? The real friends? Not the business people around him...this guy does not have a life!

People involved in this! Watch out! Do not trust them!

E-mail Address/Contact
Matthew Bowden
Organizer - Member of html5forums and hacker - Was banned as moderator from Yoyogames for coping with hackers (whose stole hundreds of passwords).He was banned in 2017 from Html5forums website as well because of his behaviour with other members. Remember he is a liar,has no ethics, publish garbage games, publish fake money reports,lie about others...what do you expect from a person like this??? He is also loosing ground and money from publishers since companies are figuring it out who is this guy.
Milton and Chente4u - Member of html5forums
Richard Davey - Webmaster of html5forums
United Kingdom
Responsible for deleting all Claudios comments so he has no right to argument the lies on their site.Check his personal contacts here.
Marcio Andrey Oliveira
Stooge,He threated Claudio's family posting nasty things against his children and wife.You can look at the screenshot above what he wrote about Claudio. His personal data is HERE.Can't you believe that he is an engineer with no kids?
Maybe this is the reason he has so nasty hateful speeches to make.
We tought all engineers were intelligents...Well.In this life we have exceptions of course.He has a website too...look how its cool #NOT. It is a shame that none of the kids i know likes his site because it really sucks.It was built from scratch using python language lol.Just kidding! Why not visit this one here. By the way here it is his linkedin profile. Leave some message to this liar.
Stooge.Tries to sell white noise sounds as an innovative product and labeling cocaine, weed for people to buy this trash and get addicted.
Dont WASTE your money on this trash.Does not WORK! There are thousands of these white noise sounds available FOR FREE on Spotify and internet. Just Google it! Here is one site as an example:Waterfall,Nature,Relax sounds - not fake opiods!.


Meet Matthew Bowden...the unethical racist thief developer!

I asked Rick Webmaster politely to remove the post from this website because it somehow damages my image and reputation.

He denied, removed all my arguments in the site and just blocked it (so i can not access it)

He removed everything i wrote as an argument against True Valhalla post under
- my nickname in their forum.

What a smart webmaster he is!!! Just banned me, removed my arguments (probably Matt asked him to do so) so people,Apple,whoever can only see True Valhallha Matthew from Brisbane, Australia wrote down (and his stooges) bad about me! Nice isn't it?
Look what Marcio ( wrote in the post...he threatened my whole family without even knowning who am i.Which game i 'stole' from him???
So i checking with some lawyer friends how to make profit with this whoooole story since they lied a lot about me and it is still registered in html5forum site if you want to see...

Remember always: the truth is out there...just google it. You will find the truth. Who is the real thief.
Behind hateful speeches, fake income reports (you know how market works right?!), his inflated ego behind a 'good guy' with 'good reputation'. True lies.

Remember when i told that what goes around comes around? The hacker and unethical False Valhalla (aka 'True' Valhalla) was BANNED from the forum after spreading lies about me (pointing fingers,disrespecting my family and my reputation) and also disrespecting other members. He got what he deserved!!!

So the joker is laughing now. Good luck with your awesome sluggish games Mr.Matthew!!! Hope someday life teaches you to be not judge other people and picking on them everyday.
You just got what you deserve...banned from yo-yo games forum and now from HTML5Games Forum: the forum that he used to attack me in first place!!! What a joke! This guy is a mess.I will stop here.

Just my 50 cents...i agree with Rick, i believe he is not behind the ddos attack the site suffered...since he knows a lot of hackers maybe he is not supposed to plan and execute a DDOS attack, maybe some of his friends did that.Do not believe in his FAKE money is all marketing.He is not trustworthy! He does not like competitors...look at his responses at the html5forum...always imposing his point of view.So if you want to find the truth about this LIAR, search BING, search the internet...just click here .

Remember: All information in this site is being collected for security purposes including proof for any legal action to be taken!
Log and evidences are backed up everyday and transferred to another secure site so i dont miss anything!

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